Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soldier Risking his life thanks Change dot org for stopping Chase Bank from foreclosing on his home while he was in battle.

Chase Bank comes through again, not able to stave off their own foreclosure division from foreclosing on a soldier while that soldier risks his life around the world.  Here is a thank you message from that soldier.

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Anonymous said...


Please pass this on if you agree. We are working on setting a date.

Force Change, Boycott Capitalism

We know what the problem is, let us fix it and move forward together.

When you look at a republican or democrat, congress or FDA official, Judges and Justice Department, you see criminals.

Our corruption dates back decades to when those, who in trying to preserve slavery, had to find new ways to preserve it and so created a scientific and advanced form of slavery.

Only two components were required -- the illusion of freedom & choice and the taking away of the freedom to live off the land.

How else would you get a person to submit themselves to mind numbing or degrading work unless you oppress them into it.

Our current system is rooted in corruption and every attempt in preserving it involves manipulating human thought and turning people against one another.

In America the population has been transformed into two major voting groups but they only have one choice.

They had been distracted up until now with television and American culture which prospered through the oppression of other nations.

Americans allowed themselves to be fooled into using their military and economic dominance to seize resources of other nations and create expanding markets for American profiteers.

Now that technology, competition and conscience have evolved Americans are realizing that our current system of government is damaging and unsustainable.

Our government officials have allowed private profits and personal benefits to influence decisions that affect the health and well-being of people all over the planet, not just in America... how much longer will we allow them to rule over us??

Occupy Washington and demand that government officials resign their posts.

We will setup new online elections with a verification system that will allow us to see our votes after we cast them, put our new officials in office and work toward rebuilding our country and our world.

Pass this message along to any and everyone, we already occupy the world, unite.

Occupy Washington, Boycott Capitalism, Force Change

Alessandro Machi said...

I respect your passion but disagree with your assessment. We have a lot to be grateful for in the U.S.

We have infrastructure that includes a working sewage system, this alone is incredibly important and is something that many take for granted.

Uniform roads (although not enough space for cyclists), a network of water supply, a power grid, (although it apparently could use an upgrade), interconnecting phone lines, and big screen TVs.

What I consider to be a valid discussion is how present day politicians do not know how to use the existing infrastructure to improve the efficiency of our system including weaning us off of both petroleum for our cars, and batteries that don't charge from the sun.