Saturday, January 22, 2011

Credit Crunch Misery - Mortgage firm 'chased cancer victim to his grave'

From the picture, Stuart Bingley seems like a really good guy. He seems like a tough but fair man, a responsible man who respects the law and values taking care of his family, a stand up guy.

Yes, I see all of that from the picture above. Mr. Bingley gets hit with cancer, and the banking vermin come out to pick at him as he fights his cancer as they threaten foreclosure.

Stuart Bingley has passed now, but are his former tormentors still being paid handsomely to torment others?

Read his story by clicking here, it's enough to make someone want to hunt down his tormentors and make them pay, one way or another. I don't advocate violence, but only because one could make a mistake and harm the wrong person.

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