Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did MSNBC read UnFair Foreclosures February's theme to create the Jamie Dimon story about unfair military foreclosures?

I have been blogging for almost three years and have written over 1,500 articles. When I created UNfair Foreclosures earlier this month I had a sense it would click. Soon after, I did something I had not done on any of my previous blogs. I came up with monthly themes for the first two months of the year and publicly posted them several days ago. I then expanded the list a few days ago all the way through June of 2011.

My thinking was, if anybody from the media got wind of my blog, and saw my upcoming monthly foreclosure themes, and beat me to the punch and did their own foreclosure story, that that would actually be a good thing as it would give me more material to link to by the time I got to that specific monthly topic.
I would love to be credited however if there was a connection.

I meant to add to the military personnel listing that unfair foreclosure stories about police, fire and parademics would also be included during February.

Hopefully more reporters will show up and perhaps use UNfair Foreclosures blog to do quick research on existing unfair foreclosure cases and maybe even do follow up stories as to the final damage the banksters did to those whom they unfairly foreclosed upon.

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Alessandro Machi said...

It turns out I actually suggested the military foreclosure possibility on January 02 of this year on my parallel foreclosure blog.

Legal Protections for America's Military:The Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act - Free Legal Information - Nolo