Monday, January 17, 2011

Elder Care Facility ambushed by foreclosure, Elder tenants evicted on the spot.

This story of elderly home care foreclosure eviction received very little publicity, so I can't verify that anyone of the evicted had cancer. The likelihood was somebody among the elderly that were evicted had cancer, and besides, evicting elderly eople who can't fend for themselves and were in the care of others doesn't even seem legal, does it?

Especially when they had paid their rent!

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home health care said...

I am also looking at nursing homes (would prefer the former but must look at all options). Do you need to be at a certain level of dependency for a nursing home?

Alessandro Machi said...

I'm not an expert in health care. About what I know is that there are different types.

Retirement homes can be places where people are still somewhat independent but want to be part of a bigger community with activities.

Then, there are places where the elderly rely on the workers for food, medical care, and other assisted living needs.

If you can travel, and can research on the internet, visiting one place nearby may instantly give a you a feel if you need more or less assistance, and at that point, the place you are visiting may be willing to guide you to a place more towards what you are looking for.